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People may (and certainly have) say a lot about her. And she has absolutely had her share of beefs with a laundry list of Hollywood’s biggest celebs. But one thing has always been and will always be true: Wendy Williams thrives on the hottest gossip…even if it’s about her. 

Since adolescence, Wendy had a penchant for prattle that has served her well pretty much all her life. As an undergrad pursuing a B.S. in Communications at Northeastern University, she worked as a DJ at the college radio station. This was an obvious first step as she leapt from one radio station to another all over the country. Wendy went from the US Virgin Islands to Philly to NYC and DC at the same time. 

As she bounced around, she won accolades and notoriety. Finally, after years of hard work and traversing the country, Wendy won the golden ticket known as SYNDICATION! In 2001, Wendy was hired by the iconic New York station WBLS. Within a few years, her show was taking over the airways, gaining syndication in multiple states and markets, including Louisiana, Ohio, and California, just to name a few. 

One thing has remained constant: Wendy pushed buttons and she pushed envelopes. Her critics definitely don’t hold back, but she has never been one to bite her tongue either. And, whether you love to hate her or hate to love her, it all translates to money for Wendy Williams! 

In 2008, she took the television world by storm when The Wendy Williams Show aired on Fox. Eventually, that magic word came back into Wendy’s favor: Syndication. Since its debut, The Wendy Williams Show has been syndicated in over 50 countries, with audiences all over the world loving her “Hot Topics” segment. Wendy decided to take her own hot topics and tiffs with celebs from Whitney Houston to Howard Stern to the page, writing multiple tell-all, self-help, and fictional books. This and other business ventures have led Wendy to rake in $15 million annually, despite some personal and financial drama. 

Say what you will about her, you can’t keep Wendy Williams down. In part, because she’s a strong black woman. What some might call her biggest fault has proved to be her biggest asset: her unfiltered, gossiping mouth. She’s delivered the hot topics and been a hot topic for decades and she doesn’t plan to cool down anytime soon. Strong Black women like Wendy Williams are also having their say on their say on the Digital Podcast Network

Whether we proudly admit it or call it our guilty pleasure, we all love a little tea! Wendy Williams isn’t the only supplier out there. Take a few hot sips over at the Digital Podcast Network, your source for the most lit streaming content focusing on African American and Latino lifestyles worldwide! The Digital Podcast Network brings stories like Wendy Williams’ and many more to life for global audiences. Be sure to check out shows like Sista Speak and The Dean Edwards Show. Click here now to start your FREE trial on the digitalpodcastnetwork.com.  You’ll love their shows.  

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